Wednesday, October 03, 2012
07:00-09:00 PM Welcoming party
Thursday, October 04, 2012
9:45-10:00 AM Opening 
10:00-10:45 AM Chair: Emillio Carrizosa
  Keynote Plenary Lecture:
The Road Less Traveled: From Local to Global in Optimization
Panos Pardalos
10:45-11:00 AM Coffe break
11:00 AM-12:30 PM Chair: Gilles Caporossi
  Variable Neighborhood Search for edge-ratio network clustering
S. Cafieri, P. Hansen, N. Mladenović
  A Visual Environment to Study and Find Communities in Networks
G. Caporossi, S. Perron
  VNS based heuristic for solving Unit Commitment problem
R. Todosijević, M. Mladenović, S. Hanafi
  VNS for the maximally diverse grouping problem
M. Gallego, A. Duarte, M. Laguna, R. Marti
  Clustering on the network using semantic similarities and VNS
B. Mladenović, R. Todosijević
  Degeneracy on K-means clustering
A. Alguwaizani 
11:00 AM-12:30 PM Chair: Panos Pardalos
  Estimation for double Pareto Lognormal mixtures
E. Carrizosa, P. R. Cobo, J. Jocković
  Global Approaches to Solving Min-Max-Location Problems
E. Carrizosa, J. Harbering
  Continuous VNS with modified Nelder Mead for non-differentiable optimization
M. Dražić, Z. Dražić, D. Urošević, Q. Zhao
  Generating good starting solutions for the p-median problem in the plane
J. Brimberg, Z. Drezner, N. Mladenovic, S. Salhi
  Gaussian Variable Neighborhood Search and Enhanced Genetic Algorithm for Continuous Optimization
I. Nešić, A. Rakićević, A. Poledica, B. Petrović
  Comparison of heuristics for solving very large nonlinear nonconvex problems
D. Kovačević, B. Petrović, P. Milošević
04:00-05:30 PM Chair: Rym M'Hallah
  Variable neighborhood descent heuristic for covering design problem
N. Nikolić, I. Grujičić, Đ. Dugošija
  Packing Unit Spheres into a Cube Using VNS
R. M'Hallah, A. Alkandari
  Balancing Bicycle Sharing Systems by Variable Neighborhood Search
G. Raidl, E. Caucsev, B. Hu, M. Rainer-Harbach
  Variable Neighborhood Search for Google Machine Reassignment problem
H. Gavranović, M. Buljubašić
  Variable neighborhood search approach for Machine reassignment
B. Jarboui
  Variable Neighborhood Search for The attractive traveling salesman problem
R. Todosijević, D. Urošević
04:00-05:30 PM Chair: Yuri Kochetov
  VNS heuristic for the (r | p) - centroid problem on the plane
I. Davydov, Yu. Kochetov, E. Carrizosa
  Variable Neighborhood Search for Solving the Balanced Location Problem
J. Kratica, M. Leitner. I. Ljubić
  Solving a location-allocation problem under congestion and uncertainty using variable neighborhood search
E. Teimoury, R. Rahmaniani,  A. Ghaderi, S. Ghalambor 
  A double VNS heuristic for the facility location and pricing problem
Z. Diakova, Yu. Kochetov
  Metaheuristic methods for solving the Bilevel Uncapacitated Facility Location Problem with Clients’ Preferences
M. Marić, Z. Stanimirović, N. Milenković
  Variable neighborhood search for Multiple Level Warehouse Layout Problem
D. Matić, J. Kratica, V. Filipović, Dj. Dugošija
05:30-06:00 PM Coffe break
06:00-07:30 PM Chair: Vera Kovečević - Vujčić
  A Hybrid Metaheuristic Based on Variable Neighborhood Search and Tabu Search for the Web Service Selection Problem
N. Turajlić, I. Dragović
  Hybrid-VNS for the Tactical Berth Allocation
Eduardo Lalla Ruiz, Belén Melián Batista, J. Marcos Moreno Vega
  An experimental comparison of VNS variants for the minimization of the vertex-cut in layout problems
Jesús Sánchez-Oro, Abraham Duarte
  VND for the uncapacitated r-allocation p-hub median problem
J. Peiró, Á. Corberán, R.l Martí
  Solving Multifacility Huff Location Models on Networks Using Variable Neighborhood Search and Multi-Start Local Search Metaheuristics
S. Roksandić, E. Carrizosa, D. Urošević
  A variable neighborhood decomposition search algorithm for multilevel capacitated lot-sizing problems
Q. Zhao, C. Xie, Y. Xiao
06:00-07:30 PM Chair: Lauerano Escudero
  VNS based algorithm for solving a 0–1 nonlinear nonconvex model for the Collision Avoidance in Air Traffic Management
A. Alonso-Ayuso, L.F. Escudero, F.J. Martín-Campo
  Solving the Nonlinear DEA model by continuous Variable neighborhood search
G. Savić, M. Martić
  Discovering Frequent Itemset with Maximum Time-Window on Temporal Transaction Database using Variable Neighborhood Search
Y. Xiao, Y. Tian, Q. Zhao
  Variable neighborhood search method for optimizing the emergency service network of police special forces units
I. Grujičić, Z. Stanimirović
  Variable Neighborhood Search applied to the construction of MCAs
L. Gonzales-Hernandez, J. Torres-Jimenez, N. Rangel-Valdez
  Effciency Evaluation of Business Friendly Certification Process in Serbia - Variable Neighborhood Search Approach
Žarko Popović, Vesna Janković-Milić, Jelena Stanković
  A metaheuristic based approach for GNSS signal tracking
M. Djogatović, M. Stanojević
Friday, October 05, 2012
10:00-10:45 AM Chair: Günther Raidl
  Keynote Plenaty Lecture:
VNS approaches for rich vehicle routing
Richard F. Hartl
10:45-11:00 AM Coffe break
11:00 AM-12:30 PM Chair: Richard Hartl
  Continuous Variable Neighborhood Search for parameters tuning in Support Vector Machines
Emilio Carrizosa, Belén Martín-Barragán, Dolores Romero Morales
  Time series interpolation via a moments matching method
Emilio Carrizosa, Alba V. Olivares-Nadal, Pepa Ramírez-Cobo
  Patent Mapping in Can Manufacture
K. Yu, V. Li, M. Dražić, M. Atherton, D. Harrison
  Variable Neighborhood Search for dynamic memory allocation in embedded systems
M. Soto, A. Rossi, M. Sevaux
  Variable Neighborhood Search and Tabu Search for the Web Service Selection Problem
N. Turajlić, S. Nešković
  VNS for the University Carpooling Problem
S. Roksandić, T. Davidović, M. Bruglieri
11:00 AM -12:30 PM Chair: Abraham Duarte
  VNS for the Antibandwidth Problem
F. Gortázar, M. Lozano, A. Duarte, R. Martí
  Variable neighborhood search for the strong metric dimension problem
J. Kratica, V. Kovačević-Vujčić, M. Čangalović
  A Variable Neighbourhood Search approach to the Cutwidth Minimization Problem
E. G. Pardo, J. J. Pantrigo, A. Duarte
  Variable neighborhood search for Minimum Linear Arrangement Problem
D. Pérez-Brito, D. Urošević, N. Mladenović
  Solving the minimum labelling spanning tree problem using hybrid local search
S. Consoli, J. A. Moreno Pérez
01:00 - 07:00 PM Free time - Excursion
Saturday, October 06, 2012
10:00-10:45 AM Chair: Marc Sevaux
  Keynote Plenary Lecture:
Neigborhood Selection in Variable Neighborhood Search
Stefan Voß
11:00 AM-12:30 PM Chair: Stefan Voß
  An analysis and empirical evaluation of different metaheuristic strategies for solving rich vehicle routing problems
U. Derigs, M. Pullmann 
  New Hybrid Variable Neighborhood-Tabu Search heuristic for Vehicle Routing Problems with Multi-Time Windows
S. Belhaiza, P. Hansen, G. Laporte
  VNS for the Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
Al. De Santiago, B. Meli an, A.  Alvarez, D. Pelta
  VNS Approach for the Cumulative Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
Samuel Moisés Nucamendi Guillén, Francisco Román Ángel-Bello Acosta,  J. Marcos Moreno-Vega
  A VNS for the Close-Open VRPTW
J. Brito, A. Exposito, J.A. Moreno
  A New Variable Neighborhood Search Algorithm for the Multi Depot Heterogeneous Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
Y. Xu, L. Wang, Y. Yang
11:00 AM -12:30 PM Chair: Belén Melián
  A Variable Neighbourhood Search for Solving the Yard Crane Scheduling Problem
Christopher Expósito Izquierdo, Belén Melián Batista, J. Marcos Moreno Vega
  Minimizing Total Weighted Earliness and Tardiness on an m-StageFlowshop Using VNS
R. M’Hallah
  A variable neighborhood search for a realistic university timetabling problem
M. Yazdani, B. Naderi
  A SA-VNS approach for the High School Timetabling Problem
S. Brito, G. H. G. Fonseca, T. A. M. Toffolo, H. G. Santos
  A New Hybrid Model for Vector Job Scheduling
N. I Lawarance-Amaldas, C. Lucas
  Applying Variable Neighborhood Search to the Single-machine Maximum Lateness Rescheduling Problem
L. Liu, H. Zhou
04:00-05:30 PM Chair: Said Salhi
  MPI Parallelization of Variable Neighborhood Search
T. Davidović, T. Gabriel Crainic
  A new parallel variable neighborhood search for large p-median problem
A. Djenić, M. Mladenović, D. Urošević
  A Variable Neighborhood Search Algorithm for Multiobjective Optimization in Graph Theory
G. Caporossi, S. Majstorović
  Multi-objective approaches for the open-pit mining  operational planning problem
V.N Coelho, M.J.F. Souza, L.M. Coelho, F.G. Gulmaraes, T. Lust, R.C. Cruz
  Experiments with VNS on Multi-objective Vehicle Routing Problems
Juan Castro-Gutierrez, Dario Landa-Silva, José A. Moreno-Pérez
  A Variable Neighbourhood Search filter
M. Djogatović, M. Stanojević
04:00-05:30 PM Chair: Said Hanafi
  An efficient GVNS for solving Traveling Salesman Problem with Time Windows
R. Todosijević, D. Urošević
  A variable neighborhood search for the multi-product multi-period inventory routing problem
A. Mjirda, B. Jarboui, R. Macedo, S. Hanafi
  A General Variable Neighborhood Search heuristic for the Single Vehicle Routing Problem with Deliveries and Selective Pickups
I. M. Coelho P. L. A. Munhoz, M. N. Haddad, M. J. F. SouzaL. S. Ochi
  General variable neighborhood search for Capacitaated arc rrouting
M. Stanojević, R. Todosijević
  Fitting Censored Quantile Regression by Variable Neighbourhood Search
R.S. Rajab, M. Dražić, K. Yu
  Fitting Censored Mode Regression by Variable Neighbourhood Search
W. Dang, K. Yu
08:00 PM Galla dinner
Sunday, October 07, 2012
10:00 AM -11:30 AM Chair: Angelo Sifaleras
  Hybrid Metaheuristic for Bicluster Editing Problem
Gi. F. de Sousa Filho, L. A. F. Cabral, L. S. Ochi, F. Protti
  A Simulated Annealing Algorithm within a Variable Neighborhood Search Framework to Solve the BMPG
I. Izquierdo-Marquez, A. Gonzalez-Gomez, A. Garcia-Robledo, J. Torres-Jimenez
  A Simulated Annealing with Variable Neighborhood Search Approach to Construct Mixed Covering Arrays
A. Rodriguez-Cristerna, J. Torres-Jimenez
  A hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization - Variable Neighborhood Search Algorithm for Constrained Shortest Path Problems
Y. Marinakis, A. Migdalas, A. Sifaleras
  Adaptive differential evolution with crossover neighborhood search DE-CrNS
D. Kovačević, B. Petrović, P. Milošević
  GENVNS-TS-CL-PR: A heuristic approach for solving the vehicle routing problem with simultaneous pickup and delivery
R.C. Cruz, T.C.B. Silva, M.I.F. Souza, V.N. Coelho, M.T. Milne, A.X. Martins
10:00 AM -11:30 AM Chair: Anton Eremeev
  Computing low-energy homopolymer conformations by Branch-and-Prune and VNS
A. Mucherino, L. Liberti, C. Lavor
  A matheuristic approach for maximum lifetime coverage in wireless sensor networks under connectivity constraints
F. Castaño, A. Rossi, M. Sevaux, N. Velasco
A. V. Eremeev, S. A. Klokov, C. R. Reeves
  SearchCol based on VNS
F. Alvelos, D. Santos, A. de Sousa
  Exploiting Separators for Guiding VNS
S. Loudni, M. Fontaine, P. Boizumault